The best VPN buying advice for Mac users – Part 2

Alan Foster


Best VPN protecting your privacy on a Mac

If you want to keep anonymous at all times, Mullvad is your best choice. Unlike other VPNs, Mullvad has its own independent VPN network, so it can ensure that user data will not be leaked. You can buy Mullvad 's VPN service without creating an account. What’s more, you can even use cash to avoid the disclosure of personal information such as your email address and phone number. In addition to the first-class service and privacy policy, Mullvad is a pure app without any advertisement. It will not selfishly bind other network services that will cause extra costs, such as Netflix members.

Fastest VPN overall for Mac

It is generally acknowledged that the fastest VPN service should be the latest version of ExpressVPN. Although its price is not low, but it does provide the corresponding value of services, so that you can access any website at high speed. Its performance is not only perfect in the United States, but also excellent in other regions we test, such as and major countries in Europe and Asia.

Fastest VPN for other countries

We also tested the VPN with the fastest access and connect speed in the following different countries:UK: In the United Kingdom, TorGuard is the fastest VPN with best connection speeds. And you can share P2P files on its VPN servers.Europe: In Europe, the fastest VPN is Canadian VPN, but it has other problems, such as user privacy and ambiguous server numbers.Asia: Although Israel’s SaferVPN only allows sharing P2P files on one server in principle, it is indeed the fastest VPN while connecting to servers in Asia.Oceania: When it comes to Oceania, the fastest VPN service is provided by CyberGhost.
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