Everything you want to know about AppleCare+ - Part 4

Ken Becher


For iPad:

Even though some people believe that iPad is not a replacement for laptops, while an iPad is indeed cheaper than a Mac in terms of its AppleCare+ plan, and it can also get Apple's speedy Express Replacement Service. Here is some information you want to know about iPad's AppleCare+ plan:

How much does it cost to buy AppleCare+ for iPad?

AppleCare+ on the iPad Pro is the most expensive at $129, compared to $69 for the other iPad models.

What is included in AppleCare+ for iPad?

The same as iPhone, AppleCare+ also extends iPad's hardware warranty for an extra year, and tech support is extended to 2 years too, so that you can use the support to get help with iOS, iCloud, and Apple Apps.
iPad is also in line with the iPhone in terms of insurance coverage. You can cover your iPad for accidental damage up to twice a year, and most repairs cost $49 plus tax. Besides, AppleCare+ protects not only the iPad itself, but also its battery and other accessories.

What isn’t included in AppleCare+ for iPad?

Sorry to say that Theft and Loss plan is only applicable to iPhone, not to other Apple devices.

Should you buy AppleCare+ for your iPad?

Whether or not you should buy it depends on how you use your iPad. If your child is going to use the iPad from time to time and he doesn't know how to protect the device, you should consider buying it. Of course, if you only use it at home and know how to maintain your iPad, you needn’t purchase it.
Besides, if you have a job that requires you to use iPad a lot outside of your home, you might need to consider buying AppleCare+. After all, it only costs tens of dollars, which is much cheaper than buying AppleCare+ for a device such as iPhone.

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