Great USB-C Power Adapters for the iPhone 12


Apple has recently released a new iPhone in the market as it does every year. If you are buying a new iPhone 12, you will find one important thing. The packaging of the latest one, the iPhone 12 lineup, is noticeably thin compared to the previous years. This is due to the fact that they have removed the power adapter from the box. Whether you are getting an iPhone SE at the cost of $399 or an iPhone 12 Pro Max at the cost of $1399, you must buy a separate power adapter for this unless you have one available.
If you have been using an old lightning cable charger, that will still work on the iPhone 12 and you are good to go but if you have the old 5W adapter then this is the best time to get yourself a new one. The latest USB-C to lightning cable that comes with all the iPhones now is capable of fast-charging. For this to work, you just need the right adapter.


When purchasing a new charger or adapter, the first thing you must consider is the wattage that it can supply to your gadget. For many years, Apple has included 5-watt adapters with their iPhones, and this will require about 2.5 hours to fully charge your iPhone. For the iPhone 5 and earlier versions, this was enough since it did not support fast charging yet but with the iPhone 12 lineup, it supports adapters up to 20 Watts. With this, filling up an iPhone to 50 percent would only take about half an hour. Therefore, getting a 20-Watt USB-C adapter is highly recommended. Because of the demand of this adapter, this is easier to find in the market compared to the other ones. When getting this, check whether it supports USB Power Delivery.

Size and Specifications

Power adapters or chargers from Apple are known to be light and compact but because of other chargers available in the market by third party companies, it seems bulky. The latest charging technology uses Gallium Nitride (GaN) that allows these adapters to be smaller and more power-efficient. Different companies have started replacing the Silicon with Gallium Nitride which makes the adapters or chargers much smaller in size. One example of these is the Anker PowerPort Atom III which is 35 percent smaller than the adapter for Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro, but delivers 60-Watt charge. Do take note to check the dimensions in the technical specifications of the product unless you’re buying one of the models here-which are all GaN except for apple’s adapter.


Another thing to consider is the number of ports available in an adapter. Apple’s adapter only allows users to plug in one device, but it doesn’t mean they all have to be that way. Lots of third-party companies are offering multiple ports on a single adapter or charger. So, if you have a lot of devices that needs to be charged at the same time regularly, then consider buying an adapter with at least two ports or more. There is also an adapter that has a mix of USB-C and USB-A available.

Prongs: To fold or not

With all the things that needs to be considered, now you have to think if you want the prongs to fold or not. Although some third-party adapters have folding prong and other items if you toss it in a bag. The latest 20W charger from Apple has a protruding prong. This is not a big deal, but you can consider this especially when you travel a lot.

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