Get the features of four major video conference applications: it is difficult to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages for different user groups – Part 5

Edward Weston


Different users have different requirements for video conferencing applications. The following is a comparison of the four video conferencing applications: Zoom, Teams, Google Meets and Slack.

Slack: loser in the feast of video conferencing

Slack is a digital team collaboration tool, which enables teams to gather together easily, and use the channels which accommodate all project related team activities and communications for real-time collaboration. Everyone in the same channel can visit the same information, allowed to stay on the same page. Teams can share ideas, make decisions, and make progresses for common goals and in common places. Slack, which was launched in 2013, is one of the original team collaboration services.

Advantage: the most flexible video conference solution

While Zoom is still pursuing video dominance, Slack has already launched a new way of working. Teams today mainly use Slack to achieve flexible and convenient messages delivery. As one of the most flexible software solutions, Slack makes itself different. There are hundreds of Slack integrations available. Slack can even be integrated together with Zoom.Slack is designed as an internal communication tool, which is very close to collaboration. If the core of Zoom is video tools, then the core of Slack is message delivery. If users are looking for a place for continuous communication with other team members, Slack can do it. It provides everything from group messaging with messaging threads to one-on-one conversations.

Disadvantage: Slack used to deeply depend on Microsoft

The very direct competitor of Slack in the market is Teams. As the collaboration technology of Teams came from Microsoft Windows, Azure, Office and Dynamics, Slack claimed that Microsoft has used its market position to provide unfair technical advantages for Teams, especially that Teams and Microsoft’s cloud computing platform have been deeply integrated. (Source: Tencent News)
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