They're not CEOs, but they're the most influential people in the self-driving field – Part 3

Edward Weston


4. Regina Savage, Global Supervisor of Automotive and Mobile Technology from MS

Brennan said that the auto driving industry has always been a hot industry for investment banking in recent years. Savage has become one of the key trading partners in this industry. She has helped companies such as TuSimple and NuTonomy make several rounds of financing and acquisitions with her enviable connections."Every time I hear about something big, I usually try to contact Savage to see what she hears," Brennan added. Before joining Morgan Stanley, Savage managed the mergers and acquisitions in the media industry at Goldman Sachs.

5. Mohamed Elshenawy, Engineering Senior Vice President of Cruise

As Cruise worked to launch autopilot taxi services in San Francisco and Dubai, Elshenawy led Cruise's software team through a period of rapid growth. According to the delegates from Cruise, Mr. Elshenawy helped the engineers of the company quickly test and deploy code while overseeing the cloud computing infrastructure, which performed well when the company moved to telecommuting mode in 2020.During Elshenawy’s tenure at Cruise, experts are impressed by the company's approach. Cruise is listed as one of the most promising self-driving car companies. Elshenawy led the technical development of Amazon's RECOMMERCE and warehouse services before he joined Cruise. (Source: Tencent News)
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